We are keen to share with you some exciting calendar Q1 client deployments we are currently working hard on.

Case 1 – Next Generation
Better Serving Smaller Family Accounts

A Toronto-based high-net work pension manager (ICPM) wants to automate smaller family accounts and gain efficiencies to help PM’s focus on larger core accounts. ICPM also has an interest in incrementally building out a digital channel to future guard for the next generation.

Expected AUM: $40-60mm

Pain Points:

  • Smaller accounts are distracting PMs from core business service, but ICPM wants to maintain relationship with next generation
  • Less Attended Smaller Accounts introduce compliance and trading complexity

Case 2 – Green Funds
New Fund Line for a New Demographic

A west coast ICPM launched a new fund line to a different demographic from their mainline legacy business. The fund line focuses on Socially Responsible Investments, targetting younger clients with smaller account sizes. The organization has limited personnel (~20 employees) so launching a parallel imprint is an operational challenge.

Expected AUM: $30-50mm

Pain Points

  • ICPM wanted a product in market ASAP
  • PM’s didn’t want to onboard smaller accounts using legacy workflow
  • Replacing entire legacy client lifecycle and accounting systems stood in the way of product launch


Part 1 – Fall 2016

Responsive worked with ICPM to launch a new brand web page and onboarding process. Client data collection, KYC and digital document signing were live 6 weeks after project launch. ICPM used legacy systems for client reporting, communications and compliance.

Success: New Fund Line in Market with digital onboarding, decreasing burden on PM’s

Part 2 – Spring 2017

Responsive is working with ICPM to provide client dashboard and reporting by integrating accounting system. Responsive will also provide heads up portfolio compliance to ICPM. New Imprint will run on more efficient operational model in parallel.

Part 3 – Fall 2017

Responsive will roll out Part 1 and Part 2 functionality to mainline business ($1B+ AUM) to drive operational efficiency and discipline across the organization.